RSS Feeds Afford Users Endless Freedoms

Did you know that, according to DOMO research, Facebook users share 684,478 posts, Twitter users submit 100,000 tweets, and people all over the world publish 571 new websites, all in as little as a minute? There is a wide breadth of information and content on the web, and knowing exactly what you want to find, and where to find it, can be difficult. RSS news feeds make it simple again. An RSS feed directory list takes a lot of information, gathers it into a single place, and makes it accessible to the average user. What can you expect from RSS technology?

All of the News

The popularity of RSS technology can be largely attributed to the The New York Times. The news source adopted the then relatively new technology, and news outlets and media groups quickly followed suit. Today, CNN, the BBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fox, and more, all offer convenient RSS feeds.

Flexible Formatting

One of the greatest perks

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Tired of Poorly Designed Mobile Apps? Choose RSS Feeds and an RSS Reader Instead

Did you know that, according to 2012 research by the Associated Press, the attention span of the average American is only eight seconds long? Americans are constantly on the go, and, with the abundance of information available online, it is hardly practical to slowly peruse a particular topic. In fact, RSS technology can do that for you. An RSS feeds list collects all articles, and webpages, about a specific topic, in one place. How are Americans using this resource?

To Get News

Let’s face it. Even in today’s technology-driven society, some websites are still poorly designed. Even more are poorly optimized, or difficult to navigate on a tablet or smartphone. In fact, up to a third of mobile device users report frustration with clunky mobile apps, or mobile sites. RSS feed lists, including iOS RSS feeds, can be a saving grace of sorts. How?

RSS news feeds allow users to get news from all kinds of sources, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MS

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Here Is Why RSS Feeds Are More Fantastic Than You Could Possibly Know

In my humble opinion, RSS feeds are incredibly under utilized and under appreciated. Most people will simply use an RSS news feed to get headlines from their favorite news groups and websites. RSS news feeds were probably never intended to do much more than that, but technology presses on, so you might as well take advantage of it.

Here are five things that your RSS news feeds list can help you with.

1. Be a better cook.

101 Cookbooks, Smitten Kitchen, BigOven, are just a few feeds that share delicious recipes often. Set a goal of cooking one new recipe a week, and just wait for your RSS feed to reveal to you something delicious!

2. Impress your friends.

There are RSS feeds for both a word of the day and quote of the day. Subscribe, learn, and then show off to your friends and family with your increased vocabulary and growing wit. I bet you did not know your RSS feed could be so educational.

3. Protect your computer.

Does your RSS feeds list include a feed? If it

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When Having 46 RSS Feeds on Your List Just Does Not Cut It, Add a Few More

RSS news feeds can be a little addicting. Part of the addiction comes from how easy it is to add to your collection of subscriptions, and part certainly comes from the ease of use when it comes to parsing through the information and deciding what you want to read. Unfortunately, you may find that subscribing to a number of the same kinds of feeds makes for boring reading. Subscribing to all of the major news stations is not going to garner you much new information, other than who posted what first.

There is no news RSS feeds list which will tell you exactly which RSS news feeds to follow to have a well rounded list. That decision will be up to you. However, you can find a page listing almost all of the RSS news feeds available! All you need to do is browse the list. If you feel that your own RSS feed list is lacking, then pick out a few new feeds. You could also read on and spice up your list from one of the three hand picked categories below.

1. Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art,

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