Tired of Poorly Designed Mobile Apps? Choose RSS Feeds and an RSS Reader Instead

Did you know that, according to 2012 research by the Associated Press, the attention span of the average American is only eight seconds long? Americans are constantly on the go, and, with the abundance of information available online, it is hardly practical to slowly peruse a particular topic. In fact, RSS technology can do that for you. An RSS feeds list collects all articles, and webpages, about a specific topic, in one place. How are Americans using this resource?

To Get News

Let’s face it. Even in today’s technology-driven society, some websites are still poorly designed. Even more are poorly optimized, or difficult to navigate on a tablet or smartphone. In fact, up to a third of mobile device users report frustration with clunky mobile apps, or mobile sites. RSS feed lists, including iOS RSS feeds, can be a saving grace of sorts. How?

RSS news feeds allow users to get news from all kinds of sources, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, The Huffington Post, BBC, and more. The best part? They allow users to do it on the RSS reader, or e-reader, of their choice. In other words, RSS readers will format news articles and stories automatically. If users like a particular design of an RSS or e-reader, they do not have to worry about the design of a news outlet’s website.

Impromptu Audio Books, or Audio News Stories

RSS news feeds give us all of the news, in one place, and on our terms. Great, right? New RSS feeds can do more than that, too. Modern technology, and new mobile applications, are giving users the option of listening to headlines and news stories, or their RSS feeds, while they drive, work, or make dinner. One of the latest apps even allows you to use voice commands to browse different feeds, meaning you do not even have to press buttons to get started.

Stop fumbling with difficult to navigate websites, or missing the news on your way to work. Use RSS feeds to get all of the news, and do it your way, too.