What is an RSS Feed and How Can it Benefit You?

RSS stands for rich site summary, and is a website format that is frequently used on sites that are constantly being updated, such as blog sites, audio and video hosting sites, and news feeds. The rss makes sure that all of the things uploaded are in a standardized format, so that the website stays cohesive and organized similarly no matter how much content is uploaded or when. And, if you are looking for a particular kind of rss formatted website, an RSS feeds list is going to be a very useful tool to you.

What is an RSS Feeds List, you might ask? It’s a tool online specifically made to list RSS feeds that are relevant to whatever you select. So, if you want news updates that are up to the minute, you’ll want to find an RSS news feeds list, whereas if you want to be updated when your favorite YouTube user or blogger updates their page or posts new content, you’ll want a different RSS feed list.

However, in order to access the information from each RSS feed list that you select, you will need an RSS aggregator or RSS reader, which will display RSS feeds from whatever websites you tell it to, sort of like an RSS feed directory list specifically tailored to meet your needs. Sometimes they are web based, and sometimes they are able to be downloaded right onto your computer for use, but either way, there’s no denying the convenience of being able to customize what information you receive so you can know what you want to know and see what you want to see as soon as it changes.