When Having 46 RSS Feeds on Your List Just Does Not Cut It, Add a Few More

RSS news feeds can be a little addicting. Part of the addiction comes from how easy it is to add to your collection of subscriptions, and part certainly comes from the ease of use when it comes to parsing through the information and deciding what you want to read. Unfortunately, you may find that subscribing to a number of the same kinds of feeds makes for boring reading. Subscribing to all of the major news stations is not going to garner you much new information, other than who posted what first.

There is no news RSS feeds list which will tell you exactly which RSS news feeds to follow to have a well rounded list. That decision will be up to you. However, you can find a page listing almost all of the RSS news feeds available! All you need to do is browse the list. If you feel that your own RSS feed list is lacking, then pick out a few new feeds. You could also read on and spice up your list from one of the three hand picked categories below.

1. Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and even the Louvre have RSS feeds. Check with your favorite Museum or Gallery today and subscribe to culture!

2. Science

The United States Government has its own RSS feed dedicated to science and technology, but you could also consider NASA, Discover Magazine, and the New York Academy of Sciences.

3. Health

Did you know that the Center for Disease Control has not one, not two, but eight different targeted feeds to choose from? Everything from recent outbreaks and incidents to winter weather tips are covered.

So if you are bored and beginning to think that your news RSS feeds list has way too much of the same boring news stories, then just think beyond news stations. The arts, science, and health categories are all syndicated. You just have to subscribe.